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Voûtes de la Major - 13 002 Marseille

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Global project gathering a pub and an art-oriented collaborative space, that would be set in one of the place of « Les voûtes de la Major » in Marseille, Our objective is to create a place that promotes art and makers, through makers and associations, for makers and passionnate people of the city and elsewhere.

This place will offer possibilities to drink and eat (using local products), attending to conferences, vernissages and artistic events. To have a collaborative workspace that could be use as platform accompanying projects involved in the local economy or farther for businesses, makers, creative people, independents, and even tourists.

Our philosophy is all about sharing, in a common place where will be set the previously described activities and where anybody could feel like home!

Our first goal is to gather an artistic and cultural community through craftmanship of our local speakers in the beginning. The second is with our partners, cultural associations, to keep on contributing in the spread of art and makers to raise awareness among the people from Marseille and everywhere using webcast and other broadcasting means.

The place’s opening is expected in the first quater of 2016.


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Thank you !!! Everyone who supported us in any ways to make crowdfunding campaign a success. We are so glad you feel that this project needs to exist. We are setting everything with the owners of the place (lots of paperwork though…) to agree with an exact schedule for the start of the works and the business.

Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram on the forthcoming nationwide events and to be informed about the progress of the project.

Un grand merci ! (A big thank in French :D )
The LBB Team


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